The following objects were exhibited at “Talált tárlat – Lemuel Gulliver emlékezete” at P60, Budapest, 2018.

I. One pair of wool socks, tailor-made for Mahatma Gandhi by the manufacture “Gullivers”, which produces exclusive products made of genuine lilliputian wool since 1702.  [wool, paper; 28 x 11 cm; 2018.]

On 25th September, 1931. Mahatma Gandhi visited the city of Darwen in Lancashire, after being invited by the Davies family. The invitation intended to show Gandhi the immerse consequences the workers of the British textile industry had to face following the Indian independence movement and boycott of British goods. Commemorating the special occasion of his visit, a representative of the  London-based Worshipful Company of Woolmen intended to give Gandhi a pair of socks made of genuine lilliputian wool in the manufacture “Gullivers”, which he politely refused to accept.

II. Mounted lilliputian sheep from the collection of Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist. [mixed media; 3.7 x 2 x 5 cm; 2018.]

III. British leaflet announcing the arrival of the lilliputian sheep from the beginning of the 1700s. [paper; 21 x 15 cm; 2018.]